Attic ~ Music Controller For Forgotten Albums in Your iTunes Library

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Muzyka Rozrywka
Desenvolvedor: Tapku
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Attic is a music controller for listening to albums in your iPhone/iPod Touch music library that you havent given airplay recently to. Listen to, create playlists of and shuffle the fifteen albums selected from your collection. Attic will automatically update which albums to play from your collection using your songs metadata - play count, last played, skip count.

Drag and drop an album to play music. Drop multiple albums into the album slot to create on the fly playlists. Tap the magic wand, and let Attic create the playlist automatically.

• Play forgotten music in your iTunes library
• Drag-n-drop albums with a streamlined user interface
• Create custom playlists
• Scrub back and forth through music
• Kick back and let Attic select albums to play

Made in conjunction with Taptivate, makers of Voices & Postman.

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